I have adventured in many places over the years. While it is true that not of one of them has been like another, there have been a few I have been incredibly fond of and have even visited several times.  Hawaii is certainly one of those places, as the warm tropical climate is not only pleasing to the heart and tends to warm my soul, but I find it serene and relaxing. It’s one of the few places on Earth where I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting under a shade tree with the cool ocean breeze wafting by, watching worries exfoliate from me like a long forgotten second skin as I emerge newly refreshed.

Scotland would be my next favorite as it speaks to me of a heritage and longing that I can’t quite explain, but feel a longing for each time I have left the mystical green rolling bens and breathtaking glens that have captivated my heart and mind from the moment I first stepped off the train. I have ancestry here and those fresh rains and purple heather blanketing the mountainsides stir my blood and awaken my muse unlike anything I have ever experienced before.  Scotland makes me want to create, play my pipes and create stories that only my blood has ever known. I hear songs of those tales deep in the marrow of my bones.

While Scotland is truly epic and majestic, Ireland has a mystery all to its own. During our stay in Northern Ireland, we stayed just around the corner from the famous Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in the Rope Bridge B&B which appears to be a tiny pink hideaway on the main thoroughfare Causeway Coast leading to the village Ballintoy.

The owners Theresa and Gerard were simply amazing salt-of-the-earth people who catered to our every whim and made us feel like we were at our home away from home.

Ropebridge house

Back view from the Rope Bridge house

The interior of this wonderful cottage was intricately decorated with whimsical bits and bobs you would interestingly expect to find in Northern Ireland.
Growing up, my mother always had little trinkets and nick-knacks of some archaic variety on literally every horizontal surface imaginable. This would cause me hours of frustration and consternation later in life, or should I say it would cause my wife unparalleled strife.  I submit that growing up, horizontal spaces were to be filled.  Albeit, perhaps not with books, car keys, phone chargers, a spare sock or two that would never again find its mate, an odd dab of bubble gum neatly wadded back up in its wrapper, and perhaps the last thing I had in my hand that I set on that bare stretch of opportunity before me.  Looking back now after visiting this wonderful abode, I am perfectly comfortable blaming this behavior on my mother… as well as my perplexity to be a collector of rare and fine treasures of my own design.

In true B&B fashion we awoke to a wonderful breakfast of nice variety with smells of bacon and eggs coming out from the kitchen along with banging sounds of pots, pans and dishes being studiously prepared with what I can only presume is the love of the Irish.

Irish Breakfast

Table setting at the Rope Bridge house

The Robe Bridge House B&B was thoroughly relaxing and we spent several mornings and evenings just sitting in front of this bay window as we contemplated our plans to visit the nearby harbor, Giants Causeway, and castle ruins.

Bay Window

Bay Window from the Rope Bridge house

We thoroughly enjoyed gazing out at the rolling hills of unimaginable colors. I had always imagined Ireland to be emerald green. Before me I saw lime green, blue green, Paris green, parrot green, Vienna green and hundreds of other greens you would only expect to find in a 152 box of crayons crayons. Truly a magical sight.

I highly recommend giving this place a try if you are ever in this area and are looking for a magical experience.




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Written by James